Tesla reportedly ships Powerpacks to Puerto Rico

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Tesla's Powerpacks have reportedly reached Puerto Rico.Image: tesla Elon Musk tweeted last week that Tesla would shift its attentions to help with the aid and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Now, it appears that the company is making good on his word: Tesla has reportedly begun to ship its Read More

The war on coal is over. Coal lost | Dana Nuccitelli

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Dana Nuccitelli: Coal cant compete with cheaper clean energy. The Trump administration cant save expensive, dirty energy. Last week, Trumps EPA administrator a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, many old American coal power plants are being retired or converted to natural gas, and new coal power plants arent being built because theyve Read More

The Texas town where all the energy is green

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Georgetown mayor Dale Ross is a good little Republican but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists When the caller said he worked for Harry Reid and the former Senate majority leader wanted a word, Dale Ross assumed it was a joke. OK, which of my Read More

Wild is the wind: the resource that could power the world

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Wind isnt just mysterious, destructive and exhilarating capturing just 2% of it would solve the planets energy needs at a stroke. And as the windiest country in Europe, Britain is at the forefront of this green revolution The wind rips along the Humber estuary in Hull. Its the kind that presses your coat to your Read More

‘This is the future’: solar-powered family car hailed by experts

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As the annual solar race across Australia wraps up, a Dutch entry averaged 69kmh from Darwin to Adelaide and resupplied the grid A futuristic family car that not only uses the sun as power but supplies energy back to the grid has been hailed as the future as the annual World Solar Challenge wrapped up Read More

How would a state-run energy company work?

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Image caption Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement in her speech to the SNP conference In her speech to the SNP conference in Glasgow, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the idea would be taken forward by 2021. More detail will be provided when the Scottish government publishes its new energy strategy later in the year. The Read More

Turning the A9 into an ‘electric highway’

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At either end of the leg, in Helmsdale and Scrabster, there’s just a single charger so if you arrive and there’s already a car plugged in, it might mean a long wait. Ministers haven’t said how often there would need to be charging points or who would pay for them. So would they allow giant Read More